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How we started

We are car enthusiasts and have been modifying cars for many years.
For a period, we shared our passion with fellow enthusiasts by developing and producing products to help them create unique, quality vehicles that we consider subtly and tastefully enhanced.

Why Driving Passion?

Our products offered a unique combination of quality and style, to compliment your vehicle and enhance its appearance.

Designed and manufactured in the UK (unless stated otherwise in product description) to the highest of standards, we believed that our products are the best available.
More recently, we've returned to focusing more on our own project cars, once again.


“Wow, what a great improvement. I really like this diffuser”


“Want this now”

“It's a work of art, just like the wide-body kit”

See the News & Customers section for more testimonials from customers, along with pictures of their installs!

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