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Tooling for Driving Passion A4/S4 Rear Diffusers
  • Tooling for Driving Passion A4/S4 Rear Diffusers

    Moulds (tooling) to produce the Driving Passion A4/S4 custom rear diffusers.


    Tooling consists of a 2-part RIM mould, made from ebalta EB140 tooling board
    (datasheet here), CNC-machined on a 5-axis mill and bench finished.


    The moulds are guaranteed for at least another 360 pulls, before any re-work.


    The moulds are currently located at the toolmaker/production shop (in Essex) that has the capability of producing the diffusers on your behalf (at a cost you'd need to negotiate with them).

    Alternatively, you could relocate the tooling to another workshop that can RIM mould the parts from these moulds.


    Background video available here


    **Please contact for more information**



      £27,000.00 Regular Price
      £2,700.00Sale Price
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